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Dissertation Topic for Business and Management: Anyone has any research project ideas. ?

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I am a management student in my final year at City University London and I am struggling to choose and hone down my business dissertation topics. I have just completed a twelve month placement with Hyundai Motor UK in the after sales department so feel basing it on the automotive industry could be a good idea?

Have a few ideas in mind, however as there's a lot of business minded people on here thought I'd just stick a thread up to see if anyone has any research project ideas.

Would anyone recommend any other ideas or be able to hone the ideas I currently have mentioned.

Any ideas appreciated, Thank you :)
Business dissertation topics is one of the most coveted branches of study in the modern world. Earlier business studies were much more simple and plain. But, today, with the growing competition in the industry, mastering the techniques of management is no piece of cake. Management research is equally difficult due to the nature of the subject.
I think your experience in Hyundai Motor UK won't make a big impact on your project so the topic suggested by MackMedina will not be subject for a good project. I think you should think about growing E-commerce system. you can select topics like
E-commerce challenges and solutions
Automated E-commerce negotiation agents
Anyway try to make your project relevant to current society. Good luck :)
I know today many academic going students are confused academic research. The real academic research involves finding reliable sources both on and off the web. Academic research should include a look at the importance of the topic, the current appraisal of it and future interpretations. Remember that you should always have far more research done than you can ever include in the final project. After all, once your project is written, it may be the source for someone else academic research in the future and you want to be a credible source.

If you need professional dissertation help I can suggest you good dissertation writing website at which you can order a high quality custom dissertation on any topic. Last year I contacted online writing service to have my Master's dissertation written.
It seems like you need a help in completing your dissertation. I can suggest you some good topics as well as some ideas on how to write a good dissertation.

The following are some of great topics for dissertation writing:
Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Retail marketing, Retail management, Strategic marketing, Strategic management, IFRS, International business and Financial risk management.

The most important thing you required to remember is to choose a fresh topic for writing. Then comes questioning and planning. Means you want to create a questionnaire on the topic. The next step is to collect data for the questions you have prepared. Put an interesting title for your dissertation and develop the content on the basis of the data you already collected.

As a last step proofread it and edit the paper if editing is needed.

I hope this may help you to write a good dissertation. Good Luck :)
Auto mobile financing became a Key for UK countries to boost their international trade with third world countries. you can do a dissertation on how did this affect their economical conditions and international relationship?
Writing dissertation is one of the difficult task. A dissertation is what your degree counts upon and, thus, takes up a lot of your effort and preciseness. Not just that, but because dissertation writing comprises of advancing a new view point supported by existing research, it takes up a lot of time as well. Unfortunately, many students try to write such a difficult academic paper themselves and they fail.It needs a good and attractive skill and knowledge about dissertation writing.
You better to choose topic related to sales promotion because you have the good knowledge about that.Before going to writing field you have to make deep research about topic.

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