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Can you give some research paper writing topics suggestion for my PG

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Hi all,

I am doing my pg on biology. I have to write an 8 page research paper and I need to think of a good topic for my paper. But, I am having a little trouble to come up with a topic to inform my lecturer, so he can approve my research paper. We are allowed to write about anything which comes under biology, so I am in confusion to choose a particular one.

What are some original biology research paper topics to deal with? But I just don't want it to be something everybody would come up with. Can you give some suggestions about the topic?

Thanks in advance for your support.
As a biology research paper topic you can take pain. Study the whole process of feeling pain, the means of treatment and the pain relievers of the future. It is a simple topic but its on role for ever. All the best :)
hello Martha Runyan,

I think biology research papers are always very interesting to write. So, i think you need to pick a comfortable topic. If you choose your interested topic, then you can write a superior papers without any boring. Some of my suggestions are mentioned below.

* What are some advantages in using solar power, wind power and hydro-electric power?

* How can air pollutants damage the ozone?

* What are the affects of deforestation on the tropical rainforest?

* Abortion

* Gene Therapy

* Explore two endangered species.

* RNA Silencing

* Explore how frogs can be biological indicators.

* What is smog and how can it be dangerous?

* Alternative Healing

* Estimating cancer risks

* Adipose tissueCulture media for growing cells

* Intermediary metabolism

* How does a water treatment plant clean our drinking water?

* Discuss the dangers of asbestos.

* How can indoor air pollution cause health problems?

* What are the positives and negatives of landfills?

* How can advances in the medical field increase human carrying capacity?

* How will human population affect food production in the future?
Look back through and pick out several major Earth climate changes. You can research specific evolutionary changes in shark or stingrays or some aquatic/land dwelling animal. It could be interesting to see different species changed or stayed the same through some major shifts in climate. You could possible elaborate and predict possible changes for the future of the species or Earth dwellers in general, if the current climate change continues as it is (or as you predict from history). Have a fun with your paper. :)
I welcome your thoughts to get some ideas to find a suitable research paper topic. The below listed biology research paper topics are some of my suggestions and will be useful for you to write your research paper easily.

* Are pair pesticides more perilous in reproduction?
* Human fertilization & reproduction
* Polychlorinated Biphenyls
* Muscle structure in red meat and white meat
* The endocrine system

From the list its interesting to choose the second and you can find very simple option as the last one related to endocrine system.
All the best for your efforts :)
Biology is anything that is related to Nature.That gives you a really broad area of questions to choose from. You have to write a research paper in Biology and you are looking for some interesting biology research paper topics. Maybe, for someone it is a problem, but not for us. I am sure together we will choose a perfect topic for you among a great variety of biology research paper topics.

How about something related to human evolution? Our own evolution is for obvious reasons very detailed so you would find plenty of material on it. I always like to do evolution because it's easy to research . You could support or refute arguments against evolution.
Yes, photosynthesis.. try connecting it to cellular respiration its a very good topic in biology essays. Teachers appreaciate it much because it is the main topic of biology "how living things interact to each other in order to survive"
I would like to recommend you this topic for your biology research paper.
Stem Cell Research
What i can do is tell you only topic for your research paper. Good luck!
The topic of a research paper should be specific enough to cover sufficiently. If you are writing a 20-page research paper, you can tackle a broader subject than if you are writing a 5-page research paper. The topic should also not be so specific it lacks an interested academic audience.

Your instructor may provide you with a topic or a list of topics to choose from. If you have an idea for a specific topic not on the list, approach your instructor with your idea. If your idea fits the assignment, the instructor may allow you to write on the topic.

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